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Family History

David and Monica Fairclough’s home farm is called Bryncoch, and is situated 3.5 miles from Newbridge-on-Wye. David and Monica got married and had three sons:  Brian, Ian and Malcolm. Their middle son Ian and his family live and farm Bryncoch now.

The Fairclough family moved to Wernhir in 1986 as tenants to the large estate of the Gibson-Watt family. James Watt (1736- 1819) was the man who improved and later perfected the steam engine. He and his second wife purchased an estate in Wales at Doldowlod House, one mile south of Llanwrthwl, which he much improved. The Gibson-Watt family have been based there since the early 1800’s.

David and Monica brought around 50 dairy cows and a couple hundred sheep from Bryncoch and ran the two farms for a number of years. In 2006 the Fairclough’s were able to buy Wernhir from the Gibson-Watt’s after 18 years of tenancy.

Monica has been running a B&B business for over 30 years now. She started by summer-letting Bryncoch after they moved to Wernhir. Then gradually she started B&B by taking in visitors in the peak of the tourist season. Now, Monica is a proud owner of a very busy four star B&B business. In 2005 the family sold their dairy herd due to the poor milk prices and since then, Wernhir has been a beef and sheep farm.