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Wernhir Farm

Wernhir Facilities

Back in the “olden days” the tenants of Doldowlod estate came to pay their monthly rent to Wernhir. They used to queue outside the window in the lounge (Small window on the right hand side of the chimney breast). The lounge, back then used to be the rent collectors office/store full of goods and money brought by the tenants at the end of each month.

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Dining at Wernhir

We use locally sourced produce to ensure that you get fresh ingredients bursting with Welsh countryside flavour. The breakfast is freshly cooked for the time you specify. Continental Breakfast consists of cereals, toast, juice, yoghurt, prunes, grapefruit, fresh fruit variety (depending on season) etc.

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About Wernhir Farm

The Wernhir beef heard consists of 25 suckling cows. Our ginger limousine bull is called Smithy Delallio, but his pet name is Moses. There are over a 1500 ewes (breeding female sheep) and around 40 rams. The number of lambs on the farm depends on the time of year. There are also several mares of various ages, a Section B pony called Sidney and foals.

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Family History

David and Monica Fairclough’s home farm is called Bryncoch, and is situated 3.5 miles from Newbridge-on-Wye. David and Monica got married and had three sons: Brian, Ian and Malcolm. Their middle son Ian and his family live and farm Bryncoch now.

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