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About Wernhir Farm

The Wernhir beef heard consists of 25 suckling cows. Our  ginger limousine bull is called Smithy Delallio, but his pet name is Moses. There are over a 1500 ewes (breeding female sheep) and around 40 rams. The number of lambs on the farm depends on the time of year. There are also several mares of various ages, a Section B pony called Sidney and foals.

Our three very affectionate sheep- dogs are called “Dan the Man”, “Rex” and Pip the pup. They live in the very glamorous dog kennel in front of the barn. We also have two cats called Mr Buttons (tortershell) and Miss Lucky Kitty (black and white) and together, they keep all those ratties and micies away from the farm. Oh, and last, but not least- we have a few rather shy gold fish in the garden pond…

There is an abundance of wild life at Wernhir. One can see buzzards, red kites, phesants, wrens and lots of other birds. If you are really lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a badger, fox or even a pole cat. A most beautiful young deer was seen on the meadow as one comes up the drive in June 2010.

History of Wernhir Farm House

Wernhir is Welsh for long meadow. There are no known records of when Wernhir house was built, but we believe that the stone part of the house was built in the first part of the 1800’s. Wernhir house is a traditional farmhouse with a wealth of charm and character made of local stone. The original house was all stone, but over the years it has been expanded and locally made brick was used for this purpose. The bricks came from across the main road – a place called “Brickfield”. The slate on the roof is Welsh.

You may have wondered why the west facing side of the house is covered with slate- the reason for this is that the weather, rain and wind, comes from that side. The slates protect the wall from adverse weather.

Several parts of Wernhir have been lovingly refurbished to a high standard with exposed beams, bread oven and original features. The three en-suite bedrooms have elegant features such as antique furniture, Laura Ashley wallpaper and bedding, offering modern facilities.